Auditing Alice

How much have we spent on Alice so far?

After our big Ryobi tool splurge over Memorial Day weekend Tim and I started adding up in our heads how much we have spent in the 10 months since we started this crazy ride.

We paid Airstream Al $8,000 and bought his Airstream. I go back and forth on whether or not that was a good deal. I think it was priced a little higher than what it is worth in our area but there are so few Airstreams in our area that when an Airstream that meets every one of your “must haves” comes available just 45 minutes from your home, you snatch it up. We probably could have haggled a bit but in the end, haggling over 1k and losing the perfect Airstream wasn’t worth it. So we bought the Airstream and we paid Al what he was asking for it.


We bought the truck that same week because we didn’t own a vehicle that could tow an Airstream. I guess technically I should add the new truck to our Auditing Alice accounts payable, but since Tim was due for a new vehicle (He had been driving the same ’05 Corolla since we had gotten engaged.) I am going to keep it off the ever-growing list of expenses. I don’t think my psyche could handle knowing that for all this money we have doled out, all we have is a basically empty shell of an Airsteam parked next to our garage! In truth, the truck puts us too far “in the red” for me to deal with right now, plus it wasn’t purchased solely for Alice’s use.

What I can’t ignore is what we had to pay for next; temporary storage and the parking pad. We had nowhere to park the Airstream, so we paid to store it at Acorn Mini Storage until our asphalt driveway was finished.

There was a lot of cost to kick-start this dream, but then we started demo and besides the cost of a shop vac, some cleaning and safety supplies we haven’t spent a penny on Alice since the initial costs.

Until we bought tools. Buying the tools started the mental calculations, and then I needed a calculator. In order to make the numbers easier to swallow I needed to make an infographic because nothing makes account payable more fun than an infographic!

Auditing Alice with border

My goal is to keep the whole Alice Project under 20k. Tim think that 25k is a more reasonable budget cap. I like the goal of keeping her under 20k, but I get where Tim is coming from. We don’t want to do all this work and not finish Alice exactly how we want to and with quality components. Safe appliances, good fans and working AC are a must.

So there it is. In my mind we have $7,300 to left to finish Alice. Tim thinks we have wiggle room, that a solid finished project is most important and that I should stop blogging and start working toward our bigger goal, Get Alice road ready, hit the road and make some awesome family memories.

2 thoughts on “Auditing Alice

  1. Amber

    I think you’re doing great! We paid $14,000 for our Avion, which included a $2k generator (he offered to sell without it, but since it was wired in and we want to boondock anyway we took it). Even though ours was more camp ready we still did a lot (like resealing all the windows). And we keep working on things! My husband just installed two fantastic fans (we already had one in the bathroom). When we took it out this weekend and it hit 90 we got to try those suckers out…. Worth every penny! They are like a miracle! We do have AC but only used it for a little bit the second day after coming back from a long hike/bike and we were so hot. So splurge on those fans!

    1. Meg Shannon Post author

      We are definitely getting fantastic fans. We have heard and read nothing but rave reviews! AC is a must for us. We are kinda wimps when it comes to heat. Must be all the ND and MN winters we have lived through!


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