Asphalt it is.

We signed on the dotted line last night and we should have an asphalt parking pad that we can park our Airstream on in the next month. The parking pad and extended driveway is costing us $3500. The price came in around where we expected it to and it will be done before any of the concrete contractors would have been able to start so, asphalt it is.

asphalt salesman

I am so excited to have the Airstream parked at our house. Then the fun will begin… demo time! I can’t wait to pull the rest of the carpet out, trash the curtains and do a major scrubbing.

I have one month to move the river rock and hastas that are now on the side of the house. I have one month to get our life as organized as possible so when we (TIM!) backs that Airstream into its new home we can focus all our extra attention on her. Because, you know, there is loads of extra time when you are raising three kids and trying to keep the house in a semi decent state – not to mention school starts in a month!


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