All the little things

This past weekend we tackled a lot of little things, the air conditioner and *drum roll please* WE TOOK OFF THE FIRST PANEL OF INNER SKIN! And yes, that needed to be type-shouted. This is a much-anticipated, all-caps-worthy moment. However I am not going to talk about that today. Today is about all the little things.

Speakers. Light switches. Fans. Lights. Outlets. Battery Disconnect. Window Trim.

This is not an overwhelmingly exciting post but this is one of those things that we needed to spend a day doing. Kind of like how the boys on American Pickers resign themselves to a day of picking “smalls”. They got to do it to make a buck, we gotta do the smalls in order to get on with TAKING DOWN THE INNER SKIN!

Every wire has been labelled with painter’s tape and Sharpie.


Starred Photos85

Light Switches.

Starred Photos88


Starred Photos84


Starred Photos89Look at how nasty that fan is! We will be replacing these. For sure. Yuck.

So gross. But it needed to be done because now we are down to the INNER SKIN!

Battery Disconnect.

And finally the window trim. I was worried about the trim because it is so specific and ours are not in good condition. They are warped, cracked and broken in many places. Lucky for us, Airstream Supply sells exactly what we need. No need to continue watch You Tube videos on how to solder plastic!

Starred Photos83

We got some caulk to scrape and clean up but I am confident that we can get these back to looking great and being even more water tight than before.

Starred Photos86

It was a big day for the non-existent Demo Check List. If there was a Demo Check List we would have been able to cross off a lot off that list. It was a day of progress, though you can’t really tell when looking at Alice. But progress was made and we are moving in the right direction and that is what counts. A day of smalls is still a day of progress.

That is all for now. More on the air conditioner and REMOVING THE FIRST PANEL OF THE INNER SKIN later.

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