Alice’s Awning

We opened the awning for the first time. As you can see from this photo, we really had no idea what we were doing. Tim thought that we needed to unscrew that handle-bolt thing and I was convinced that we wouldn’t be able to pull down the awning without the very specific pull down rod that we have either buried in the pile of Alice stuff in the garage or more likely, thrown away in the Bagster a few months ago.


We were both wrong. Although now looking at this photo I can see that the WD-40 might have been necessary, so maybe I am the only one who was completely out in left field when it came to how the awning works.


We managed to unroll the awning with the help of a step stool.

Much to our relief and surprise, the awning is in really good condition! There are no tears, the color still looks great and everything works. We finally caught a break!

Not everything is in prime condition, but it works. What isn’t in great condition (like this rusted out nut) will be DIY fixable.


What we were not able to figure out was how to raise up the awning. At this point Elise was the only one who could walk under the awning without ducking. Elise is five years old. We needed the awning to be a little more adult friendly because I have big plans to finish up Alice, park her next to a mountain/desert/ocean, have a camp fire and drink a few beers. If I have to duck to safely get back into Alice after a few beers around a campfire, I might as well just set up a tent because trying to duck under an awning, at night, after a couple of beers, near a campfire is a sure-fire way to get myself hurt.

Needless to say, we needed to figure this out.


I am not saying that Tim is the HULK by any means, but the man lifts weights and drinks protein shakes on a regular basis. If he couldn’t muscle up the awning, we knew we were in trouble.


So I did what any supportive wife does, I said, “It looks like you almost got it, then turned my back to Tim and quickly searched for a YouTube video on how to adjust a Zip Dee awning. I found this video and then told Tim, because I am a supportive and loving wife, “You are doing it wrong. Look. I have proof. You have to do it this way.”


For reasons that I do not understand (science, physics and such) you have to push out on the rolled up fabric, not the arm poles. If that doesn’t make sense, watch the video I linked to above. As you can see, we got it up where it belonged…. That’s what she said. Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

We got the angle right and as you may have seen in the previous post, I got to cleaning.

Starred Photos125

I just can’t get over how cheery, inviting and wonderful the awning is!



Alice is a big girl. She isn’t the best looking girl (yet!) but just like a cute accessory or a scarf pulls focus from the bags under my eyes at a PTA meeting, Alice’s awning highlights her best features. She is fun, she is cheery, she will someday be our home when we go on adventures and she looks great in photos!


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