Airstream/RV Stove Shopping


We have a list of priorities for the Airstream and replacing the old, slightly broken stove is number 4 on that list. priorities 1,2 and 3 are as follows:

  1. Fuse Box
  2. Marmloleum Flooring
  3. Fantastic Fans x3 (We are Northern Mid Westerners. We don’t do well in the heat)

The stove could be repaired, but the repair costs would be almost half the cost of a new stove, and since the appliance is already 30 years old, we thought a newer, safer, more efficient model would be worth the investment.

So while I am not scraping away old caulk, I am on the hunt for a stove for Alice.

So here is what I have discovered so far, brand new stoves are expensive, the prices vary immensely between styles, brands and stores. And bonus, it is a challenge to find reviews from real people on RV Appliances, and used stoves/good conditions appliances are hard to come by. Awesome. So here is where I am … stoves If that looks like a graphic of mashed together screenshots of stoves I have found online and not much else, then you are seeing what my brain looks like. I really thought I would be able to tackle this whole stove thing this week but I can’t. The kids all started school this week. Patrick broke his glasses, and somehow in the process got 5 scratches across his cornea which lead to an unplanned morning at the eye doc. Patrick’s eye will be ok; new glasses have been ordered. I signed up volunteering at the school for the bulk of Friday. My dog desperately needs a walk. I have decided to try to throw together a garage sale (because I am a masochist) and laundry. So much laundry! Always laundry. Starred Photos121 I just can’t take it all on right now, and that is exactly why we gave ourselves until June 2016 as a deadline because… life. We have to balance life and Alice. Right now, even though the only thought keeping me sane is the thought of hitching up Alice, loading the truck with my beloved, walk deprived dog and the rest of the family and hitting the open road. I can’t focus on it right now. I should probably just scrap this post, but something about sharing it with you all seems a little more honest about our journey. So here it is. A started and abandoned post about stove shopping. If you are still reading, I am impressed. Kudos to your dedication and diligence.  I am grateful for your support and I feel the love. If you jumped to the bottom of the post without reading anything in the middle so you could find out what stove we chose and why… sorry. I got nothing for you. I will however accept any and all opinions and tips on RV stove shopping that you want to share in the comments! File this post under Ramblings.

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