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This will be the first of many many posts about wiring. We have briefly talked on the blog about how we hoped to keep the wiring in Alice with the exception of getting rid of the TV Antenna wire, but this weekend’s wire cataloging taught us once again, no plan in Airstream renovation is concrete and we need to be able to roll with the punches.

So the mice have foiled our plans again. Even if the mice hadn’t chewed through a bunch of wires, we don’t want underground wires floating in between the outer and inner skin! It would really suck to do all this work and then have an electrical fire our first weekend camping!


So that is our big announcement. Not a lot of visible progress was made on Alice this weekend. Tim filled a notebook page with wiring notes and I spent 2 hours scraping old caulk off seams. Also worth noting, the above photo and below photo were both taken with the new GoPro. I am still learning settings and I think I somehow switched on some sort of fish eye setting but the camera is fun and I am really enjoying it. I really like not having the big camera in the demo/cleaning zone that is Alice right now.


So that is where we are. Tim is going to rewire all of Alice. I am going to scrape all the old caulk and re-seal her. Should be a piece of cake, right?! Or maybe we should hire a professional…. But we can do it ourselves, and then hire a professional to come and inspect it? No we should just hire a professional. But man hiring a professional would be expensive! If we ( Read: Tim) did it then we would know where everything was. However, I don’t want to die in a trailer electrical fire.

What should we do? What did you do? Have any links to wiring tips and info that helped you?

Sidenote: Tim is now on AirForums.

Here is the link to the thread Tim started about our wiring project on AirForums. If you have answers to any of our  questions, please sound off below in the comments or on Tim’s Air Forums thread! 

2 thoughts on “Airstream Wiring

  1. joe

    The reason why one side of your airstream is caulked and insulation glued, and the other is not is that, that side (the outer skin) has been replaced at some point due to an accident. I’m guessing the rivets are different on that side (olympic rivets vs. buck rivets) Pretty common way to replace the outside skin without having to gut the interior. Nice write-ups and great blog! Always re-wire btw, you never know, it only takes one bad wire. Hopefully you won’t run into any frame damage when the subfloors come up.

  2. Tim

    Yep, we figure it’s been repaired as well. We haven’t opened up the floors yet, so we’re hoping for good news, and we have to decided to completely rewire. We’ll blog a bout it, if only to have a record of what we did when I need to fix it :).


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