Airstream Rear End Cap Demo

End cap demo. This is one of those times where it was important that we didn’t screw up. We practiced on the front end cap knowing that we will not be using it again. The plan is to use this more functional end cap in the front of Alice. The storage is better and the end cap, as a whole, is in better condition. We will still have to plastic weld a few places where it has cracked, but in theory, that will not be too big a deal…. famous last words.


We made sure all the window trim was off.


And while we were at it we removed the final piece of inner skin that was left.


Then it was time to drill out rivets.


Once the rivets were gone the end cap down very easily. And it came down all in one piece!




We are really starting to feel like we are making some serious progress. It is exciting.


Our next step is going to be water sealing the inside of the inner skin. We want to do this while we still have the ability of sure footing with the whole floor in but we didn’t want to risk damaging our new floors so we are going to do an initial water test and seal now. Really, I think that there will be water testing ever step of the way.

Airstream Rear End Cap Demo

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