Airstream on the brain

All I can think about is our Airstream right now. Well that is not completely true. I filled a Target cart with school supplies today for our two oldest kiddos. It was an expensive trip but I managed to find all 16 glue sticks in one shopping trip as opposed to last year’s last-minute school supply shopping fiasco where I thought I would have to pay over night shipping for glue sticks from Amazon! Needless to say, when I saw all the glue sticks in the school supply section in Target I briefly pondered buying up all the supplies and black market selling crayons and glue for some extra cash for a parking pad for the Airstream!

So maybe the Airstream is all I can think about!

Right now we are still in the process of getting bids for the parking pad, so I spend most of my free time surfing Airstream renovation blogs and forums. Check the sidebar for a list of my favorite blogs, and if you have any tips on a blog that I should be reading – please leave a link in the comments! I would love to add more blogs to our blogroll! Time spent reading blogs and forums is never time wasted, or at least that is what I tell my pile of laundry that is waiting to be folded!

There is so much that we have learned from blogs and forums that I hope that we are able to give back in the same way. We are excited to post about all our Airstream projects. We promise to be honest and always share the bad with the good. If we fail miserably at something, I think it is our duty to share that with everyone so they can try to prevent the same thing from happening to them. Hopefully there will be more wins than fails, but we have been avid DIYers long enough to know that things rarely go as planned.

I love looking at all the before and after photos and dreaming up what our Airstream will look like. Will we tile our bathroom shower like HofARC or will we line it with redwood like Sovvy72? Will we go for a cute vintage vibe with fabrics like PocketfulWhimsy, which I love, or will we stick with a neutral palate like this one in RueRag? Will Tim let me paint the cabinets similar to the ones featured in Westphora or will we stick with a more original stained look you find in the Bowmans in the AirForums? Most likely we will take inspiration from them all and then make our Airstream our own. I can’t wait to put our own stamp on our girl.

At this point any “stamp” we put on this girl will be an improvement. Although Michael, our oldest, was excited to see, “HEY! The camper has a calendar!” I have slightly bigger dreams beyond updating the 2012 calendar.

Airstream interior at time of purchase.

Basically it is all I think about. I wear my phone battery dead every day reading AirForums and sending Tim at least a dozen links of everything from flooring choices to plumbing how-to’s.

Whenever I start to get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done to the Airstream, I start to Google and Pinterest search all the places I want to travel to in it. There are so many places that Tim and I want to take the kids. We want to show them places that we have been to and we want to experience new places with them. I cannot wait to hit the road and begin our adventure.



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