Airstream Front End Cap Demo

The Front end cap is our practice end cap. We do not plan on using this end cap again. Our plan is to move the rear endcap to the front end cap because it is better and more functional storage. We don’t need the cut out for the Airstream panel of tech because Tim has big plans to streamline all of the tech/circuitry. Ask him to write a post about it. It will be really great when it is all done but I don’t fully understand what he has planned beyond that he promises me that we will no longer be using the old panel that was in this end cap.

He started by removing the tape deck which in 1984 was a pretty wicked accessory.


I mean seriously, look at that thing! I may still have an old mix tape floating in a box filled with journals from middle school that features some angsty Alanis Moorset and No Doubt somewhere. But alas, Tim says he has a plan so the tape deck had to go.


While Tim did that, I took down these lights. I think they are cool so I kept them. Tim says he will only let me reinstall them if we can find LED bulbs that will fit in them. I like that they rotate. I didn’t like that the mice managed to leave their mark in the form of droppings on the back of them. Once I saw the droppings my love for them dropped dramatically.

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Again… Tim has a plan. Leave a comment and pester him a bit and he may just write a post about it.

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Finally we were down to just the end cap.


Once the rivets were removed it came down fairly easily.


The mice did a number on that insulation and there were droppings everywhere on the back.


But our trial run went well. It came down with out too much trouble and we didn’t damage it so it was a win.


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No we need to decide if we are keeping the wiring or redoing it all. Oh, and we also have to get down the final piece of inner skin, the rear end cap. Practice end cap went well so hopefully the rear end cap goes just as well.



Fellow Airstream renovators, did you redo your wiring? Keep your original wiring? A combination of both? Surprisingly our wiring looks to be in good shape. It would be a huge time saver to be able to keep it but on the flip side, replacing it all would be easier than cleaning all the old pink insulation off the old stuff!

Airstream Front End Cap Demo






4 thoughts on “Airstream Front End Cap Demo

  1. Boyink

    I used to have the same questions when I worked on my old Jeeps…WIAITS (While I’m At It Syndrome)…;)

    Can you get a re-pop premade wiring harness? Or would you be hand-stringing each wire? I re-wired one of my old Jeeps and loved how I knew how it all went together, and it was exactly as I wanted it. But it took me forever because I’m fussy about wiring.

    I assume you’ve come across

    1. Tim

      Haven’t seen the video yet, but it looks very informative. I completely agree with you about “knowing how it all went together”, it means a lot.


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