Airstream Al

“Contact Al” was the only contact option at the end of the Airstream craigslist ad that sent this whole crazy adventure into motion.

I think you can tell a lot about a person from their craigslist postings. Al is a straight shooter, no b.s. kind of guy. I liked that. I wasn’t buying a chair to revamp or an extra snow suit for the kids. We were buying an Airstream. We didn’t need a sales pitch, we needed honest answers and some space to check the old girl out without someone looking over our shoulders. On the flip side he was happy to answer any questions we had. Al did all of that for us.

Airstream Al

Al smirked at the kids when they were running around shouting with glee their camping plans.

“This is a great couch for camping Mom!”

"This is a great couch for camping Mom!"

“This is my camping dance Mom!”





“Can we camp here tonight? I didn’t pack my backpack!”



Al was a good guy with a good Airstream and we were happy to shake his hand and seal the deal.

Tim and I drove back a few days later without the kids and exchanged keys for cash. Al showed us how to wiggle the key to lock and unlock the door and then helped Tim hitch her up to our truck.

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My favorite moment of the day that Tim and I drove out to Al’s to hitch up our Airstream happened in the last few minutes. The trailer was hitched, hands had been shaken and Tim was in the truck adjusting mirrors and taking deep breaths preparing himself for hauling our Airstream for the first time. I took that moment to turn to Al and I said, “Our kids are so excited and can’t wait to go camping. We are all so excited to go camping as a family. Thank you. Don’t worry, she will be loved and is in good hands.”

Airstream Al

Al’s smile stretched from ear to ear and his eyes twinkled a bit. He replied softly, “That is great. I hope you have fun with her.”

I think he was happy to see her go to a young family that will give her lots of love and create new memories with her. Seeing his reaction solidified everything I thought about Al. He was a good guy who took good care of his Airstream. We chose the right Airstream because we chose the one that had been owned and loved by Al.

Airstream Al



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