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For your information, here is a little bit of not so secret info in the form of disclaimers and disclosures.

This is our blog. Welcome!

Rumble Strip Ramblings is a personal blog created, written and edited by Tim and me, Megan Shannon.  We are by no way professional Airstream renovators. All Airstream demolition and renovations methods and tutorials are not error-proof.  Sometimes they don’t even work for us. So if you plan on taking on your own Airstream project, please do research beyond this site and when you are doing that research, if you find something good that you think we should know – let us know! We are learning as we go too!

This blog content is written for adults.  Sometimes when I am excited or mad or overwhelmed or cranky or it is a Monday, I swear or write things that my Grandma wouldn’t be proud of or something I would never say with in ear shot of our kids. Sometimes we fuck up. Sorry.


We have final word on any and all comments. Every comment is moderated (read by us). Know this; if there are any rude or defamatory comments, comments written with the intent of harassment or slander, or comments that share information that you have not been given permission to share, we will delete it at our discretion. If you know a secret, keep the secret. Just don’t be an asshole. Please and Thank you!


Rumble Strip Ramblings is a for profit blog. I doubt we will ever make much of a profit but when buying endless supplies for renovating an Airstream, every penny counts.

We occasionally receive products to review, test and post about. The views and opinions you read on this blog are purely our own and we will never take cash or bribes to publish a positive review. We will be as honest and forthright as possible with our views. If you are taking time out of your busy day to read our reviews, we respect that. We will be honest with you. These type of posts are often referred to as Product in Kind. All product reviews belong to us. All Product in Kind posts are designated as such with a disclaimer at the top of the post. If we get something for free, we will let you know.

Rumble Strip Ramblings has a strict honesty policy for all opinions on products, services, websites and other topics.  Even though we receive compensation for some posts or advertisements, we always give honest opinions and tell our true experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own.

Relevant affiliate links may also be included in posts or on the sidebar. If you purchase an item from a provided affiliate link, we will receive an affiliate commission. THANKS! Again, this will not make us rich but if it buys us a few extra rivets, we feel like we have won! And when you spend your free time and all your free cash on renovating once mice infested moldy tin can, you can use all the wins you can get – so thank you.

For questions about this blog, please contact Megan Shannon at rumblestriprambling@gmail.com.


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