A plague on both our houses.

It is winter in Minnesota. It is a well know fact among mid-westerners that in winter time if someone one in a family gets sick, everyone in that family gets sick within a week.

It is winter. There is nowhere to go, you can’t open windows to air out the house and you can’t possibly keep up with the cleaning because no one ever leaves the house so you have to constantly be wiping down all surfaces to rid the house of germs.  There is no time to “reset” the house. And worst of all everyone wears so many layers of clothes all the time that laundry piles are piled as high as snow piles.

Don’t get me started on all the socks….

Last week Elise came home with a bug. Not a real live insect, even those little creepy crawlers know better than to show their face in the middle of a MN winter. I am talking about the type of bug that can take down a house of an otherwise healthy family. It is cold and flu season people. Elise is to blame for this whole post. I have no problem blaming a so-called innocent child because it was obviously her fault. She was the first one sick. She is patient zero.

Elise missed some school, fought the 101+ fever, endured the cough and runny nose and just as she was getting her energy back, Patrick got sick. Then it was me. Then it was Michael and now it is Tim. Michael is still sick on the couch and Tim is sick in bed.

Our Gatorade supplies are dwindling, or Children’s Acetaminophen is drained empty and the Children’s Ibuprofen has one, maybe two, more doses.

Our house is a disaster zone and I seriously considered calling a bug tenting company to see if they would tent our house and fill it will bleach vapors while we finished recovering in a hotel. I scratched that plan when I realized that I didn’t have enough clean laundry to pack for an overnight at a hotel.

Sometimes you just have to cry Uncle. This past week has been that for us. Our 3 day weekend was spent reheating soup and picking up used and abandoned tissues off the couch. Our house has been overrun with the plague and progress on poor Alice has become collateral damage. She probably thinks she has been abandoned again. Maybe later today when I am on my Gatorade and fever medicine stock pile run I will walk over and whisper something sweet to her.

Sometimes life gets in the way of progress. To bad progress can’t be measured in the number of “Airstream Interior” pins I have made on my Pinterest Boards because at this point that is the only progress being made on Alice.

Someday we will be on the road. Someday Tim and I will be sipping coffee and watching the sun rise under Alice’s awning. Someday the kids will be reciting the Jr. Ranger pledge while collecting badges from National Parks. But before any of those somedays can happen I need to wash bedding again and then put on some industrial cleaning gloves and scrub our bathrooms.


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