A Locked Alice and a Loaded (Rivet) Gun

After some advice from our friends on Instagram and weighing the cost of buying a new air compressor with enough power needed to run a pneumatic rivet gun (you need 100 psi and our air compressor only goes to 80 psi) against the significantly lower cost of a hand-held rivet gun, we decided to go with the hand-held. We chose the Tool Shop brand from Menards which is a repackaged version of the Harbor Frieght hand-held rivet gun.

Before we could work on Alice though, we had to tear down Christmas decorations and dig out a path to get into Alice. Seeing the ornament pictured below on our tree made me laugh. If that doesn’t sum up our journey of renovating Alice, I don’t know what does!

Starred Photos142

We needed to purchase a rivet gun because Alice has not been able to be locked since removing the gasket and lock strike on the door 3 weeks ago. Not that anyone in their right mind would want to steal what is in our Airstream right now… there isn’t a huge market for rotted sub-floors, nasty 30-year-old insulation and dead mice!

So, that was the big project of the day. I have said it before and I will say it again. Our kids, 9, 8 and 5, play well on their own unsupervised… sometimes. Somedays we can get an hour, maybe 2 hours, in the Airstream uninterrupted. Sometimes they want to be helpers. And then sometimes we have tattlers stomping out to us, standing outraged right outside Alice’s door frame with hands on his hips every 5 minutes with a new story to report about the unfair and completely unprovoked tragedies they are being subjected too by his siblings.

Needless to say, since our productivity hangs in the balance of the moods of our school age children, it is hard to guess when we will get to the renovating part of this Airstream reno. We are so close… yet so far.

To catch you up on our door situation check out these two posts:

First Tim used his new Ryobi Multi Tool to shave off the leftover rivets. Then he tried to dry fit the lock strike back in.

Starred Photos140

The new gasket wouldn’t allow the lock strike to go in so he used a box cutter to cut away part of the gasket.

Starred Photos141

Once the lock strike was able to fit back into place Tim used the new Rivet Gun to secure it in place16 - 3

And that was it! Are they not the two most beautiful rivets you have ever seen?! We will probably double back and add a bit of Vulkem to seal up where Tim had to cut the gasket but for now, Alice can be locked up and that is good enough.

16 - 2

When Tim installed the first rivets into Alice, it was an exciting. Today, something that we had demoed, has been reinstalled. Sure it was only a lock strike on the door but if we don’t celebrate the little victories, we are not going to make it through this project alive!

So Cheers to a New Year and to little victories!

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