A little progress is better than nothing!

This past weekend was Tim’s birthday. He is now 32 years old. Is it weird that a number can feel so old yet so young at the same time? Thirty two years is a long time but I feel like now we are just getting to the best part of our lives. Life is good.

My sister was kind enough to watch the kids for us so we could have a dinner date Saturday night and then the next morning she watched the kids for a bit while we worked on the Airstream.

Easing into the morning, opening up cards and gifts and drinking coffee were top priority that morning so our window of Airstream work time shrunk quickly but on birthday weekends that is just fine.

The kids each decorated paper lunch bags and then filled the bags with one of TIm’s favorite peanut butter and chocolate candies. The kids were so excited to give Tim the bags and the birthday cards they had picked out and signed.



After gifts and coffee we got to work.


We were only able to demo one light, the thermostat and the wardrobe.




check for hot wires!





I think the most exciting part about this 45 minutes of demo was not that the light, thermostat and wardrobe are gone or that Tim feels like he knows the electrical system just a little bit better. The best part of about the 45 minutes of demo is that we have found our groove.

Tim was extra careful removing the metal trim (bracket? brace? moulding?) because we may want to use it again. It is in good shape and, of course, is already fitted perfectly.


We are still novices in every sense of the word but we are becoming more comfortable, we know more of what to expect and have the tools to tackle the situation. Of course these will be famous last words and I probably just said the DIY equivalent to shouting “MacBeth” and “Good Luck!” backstage at a theatre production.

We understand how to remove rivets and we are slowly demoing Alice. Every rivet removed is a step closer to our blank slate.

(gif made here)






Sometimes I think, there is no way there is enough room in this Airstream for all of us and then Patrick will climb into a closet and I will gain some perspective. There will be plenty of room. We just need to pack only the most important and necessary things… like Patrick. Patrick makes the cut. He is way too sweet to leave behind.





When Tim was unscrewing this frame he looked at me hiding behind my camera and asked, “I was just wondering, will you be helping with any demo or will you only be documenting the process?” He asked this with such sincerity that it made me laugh. We both agreed at the beginning of this whole process that photos will be necessary for both posterity and also so we remember how the hell we took it all apart so we can figure out how to put it back together.


That said, I think I could probably take a few less photos and help a little more. Sorry Tim. Happy Birthday?


Michael and Patrick helped pull out the frame. The boys were stoked to be helping. I am excited for them to be able to help more later on in the process.

Starred Photos47



After the frame was out we went back to celebrating TIm’s birthday in the best way we know how.

The Science Museum of Minnesota and…





small wardrobe demo

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  1. Sarah

    I came across your blog through Instagram and enjoyed seeing the progress you are making by reading through your old posts. I’m looking forward to following along on your project here!


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