Monthly Archives: November 2015


Our big Friday after Thanksgiving plans consisted of one thing, take a family photo to use for Holiday Cards. I picked out outfits, scouted a spot at our favorite park and timed it so we would be there during the golden hour. The photo session was a bust mainly because Michael was complaining and uncooperative. […]

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Halloween 2015

We have not made a lot of progress on Alice lately because… life. Life is busy. We do 95% of Alice renovations over the weekends and the past 4 weekends have been booked full. Patrick had a birthday party. We went to North Dakota to visit family. I hosted my best friends from college for our […]

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Water Tight

The goal is to make Alice as water tight as possible We have spent probably 10-12 hours scrapping away the old caulk. Rivets, rivets and more rivets. Before I can recaulk and seal everything, I have to scrape away all the old sealant. There is a surprising amount of yellowed, brittle tape that needs to be […]

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