Monthly Archives: September 2015

Hot Tin Roof? Paint It White… or maybe not.

I have been looking into painting Alice’s roof white to help reflect some heat. This is what I have learned so far. The Airstream Factory put on prefinished white panels on the roof starting around 1999. I contacted Airstream, because sometimes it is best just to go straight to the source, and they replied back […]

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Solar Planning

We have a long list things that need to be replaced on Alice, but if we can make it down that list within our budget, then near the bottom (but not at the very bottom) is a Solar Charging system.  Since we’re in the middle of redoing the wiring, now is the perfect time to […]

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Airstream/RV Stove Shopping

Stoves We have a list of priorities for the Airstream and replacing the old, slightly broken stove is number 4 on that list. priorities 1,2 and 3 are as follows: Fuse Box Marmloleum Flooring Fantastic Fans x3 (We are Northern Mid Westerners. We don’t do well in the heat) The stove could be repaired, but […]

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