Monthly Archives: July 2015

How our blog got its name.

We have been blogging at Rumble Strip Ramblings for one year now. It has been a fun year and through this blog I have made friends, most of them are still virtual friends, but we have met a few in person (Shout out to Currently Wandering, Art of Everyday Life, National Park Mommy and Living […]

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Rumble Strip Ramblings’ YouTube Channel

We started a YouTube Channel. Sometimes words and photos are not enough. Sometimes video is the only way to show you all just how horrible the mice infested insulation is in Alice. You are welcome. We don’t have a fancy video camera but my Canon Rebel takes decent enough video and since that is our […]

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Inner Skin Demo

We got the ceiling out on Saturday and on Sunday we were able to get another panel done. I know this isn’t that impressive for the people who bang out an entire demo in one weekend but we just can’t do that. Our kids are just old enough that if we send them to the […]

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