Monthly Archives: June 2015

Red Rock Canyon

Last weekend, Tim and I had a kid-free weekend in Vegas. It was fantastic. Tim needed to go to Vegas for an annual company meeting and I tagged along because my sister volunteered to babysit the kids and nothing is better to a mid-west-born-and-raised-girl than 112 degree heat. Even though we were not on the strip, […]

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Kids Point Of View

I love to take photos. I always have a camera around. I am not a professional photographer by any means. Really, I am still getting the hang of the manual setting on my Cannon. I have a lot to learn and I still cannot grasp some of the concepts of manual photography. But with every […]

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Day Trippin’ Afton State Park

Expect to see many photos from Afton State Park since it is only 15 minutes from our home and is, as of now,our favorite places to hike. Afton State Park, APS, is beautiful. And since most of the APS hiking paths are heavily shaded, it is a great place those of us with extra-pale-after-long-Minnesota-winter-Scandinavian-Heritage hikers. As […]

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