Monthly Archives: March 2015

Littlest Helper

How do we get any work done when we have three kids ages 8 ,7 & 4? Alice demo has taken a really long time and we are still not completely done with demo. But, we are getting closer. We are lucky to have my sister who lives only 40 minutes away. When she is […]

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Fridge Out!

One thing I learned from the process of removing the fridge is that it is important to keep your pipes, wires and nuts clean. All the dust and gunk built up behind the fridge made what should have been a straight forward job, more complicated than necessary. I don’t know the best way to clean […]

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Front Sideboard and Carpet Demo Plus Fridge Problems

We started off work with the plan of finishing the demo on the driver’s side (for lack of better terms) of Alice. We really thought we would be able to get it done pretty quickly. Famous. Last. Words. Tim quickly pulled out the rest of the nasty blue carpet (except for the carpet in the […]

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