2015, the year of Alice!

We parked Alice on our new parking pad back in mid October. The parking pad was a long time coming and then we had to wait for the asphalt cure. By the time Alice was finally at home the kids were in the full swing of school and all their fall activities. Read: life got crazy and laundry was never even close to done.

On top of the kids’ school and the subsequent 200 socks I had to wash and fold every week (anyone else think that the worst part of back to school time is that everyone starts wearing socks again?!), mid-October is also crunch time for Halloween costumes. We take Halloween seriously which means that mid-October is the start of the Holiday season for us. I admit with no shame, that I am one of those people who cheer when the next holiday starts to show up in store isles months before the actual holiday. The kids and I don’t just take Halloween seriously, we take all the fall and winter Holidays to a ridiculous level that drives Tim insane.

All of that is to preface this; from the time we parked Alice until the time we woke up on January 1st 2015, I had given us a pass. No working on Alice until we made it through the Holiday season. It was for our own sanity. This also means that since we parked Alice in Mid-October, I haven’t once set foot inside of her.

I take photos of our Airstream all the time (you can find those snap shots on our Instagram feed)  but mostly it is just an excuse to share photos of our mutt Lucy practising obedience.  Also, it is a reminder to myself that our dream is still alive and well and it is sitting just on the other side of our garage.

2015 is the year of Alice. I am nervous about being in over our heads. We have done plenty of DIY around the house. Tim has wired up lights and done a few minor plumbing repairs but he has never done the amount of wiring that will be needed in the Airstream, nor has he ever done anything with propane besides starting up the grill. I have painted every room in our home, sewn curtains for most our windows and even upholstered a couple bench cushions, but I have never dealt with the crazy interior surface of the Airstream wall or had to worry about sewing things without any wiggle room for error. If I don’t get the bench pad done right Tim and I are going to have a really uncomfortable sleeping situation. Together Tim and I have built coffee tables, fireplace mantels and countless kids toys like play kitchens and doll houses but we have never had to work with anything that had serious curves. We are great box builders but it will take craftsmanship I don’t know we have when we start working on new cabinets and the bunk beds.

I am nervous. I am anxious. I am terrified of finding mice (dead or alive) in the nooks and crannies of Alice. But more than all of that, I am excited. I am so excited for what this means for our family. I am pumped to take on a big project like this as a family. The kids are old enough that they can help and will remember the time we demoed the twin beds to make room for a bunk bed. I am stoked to see our plan through from beginning to end, knowing full well that our plan is flexible and will change. We are all excited to take on this challenge as a family.

I am so inspired by others who have already gone down this road. I love seeing the layout choices, fabric selections and how the hell they dealt with the Zolatone interior clad skin of their own Airstream. I am writing this tonight after our first day of demo which I hope to have a post up about soon but I wanted to take this time, this moment in our journey, to capture how it feels to actually begin getting our hands dirty and be finally working towards our goals of living a more simple life and going on adventures.

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