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We still have a rock base driveway. We are still waiting for asphalt. We are still waiting for Alice to come home. Side note: When we have no where to go the kids get to pick out their own clothes. I love their choices, Polo and gym shorts, maroon and red, red polka dots and teal tutu. Kids are the best.


Tim’s family stayed with us over the long weekend. We took them to meet Alice. Originally we thought Alice the Airstream would be home by the time Tim’s family arrived so we could show her off and squeeze a few hours of cleaning help out of Tim’s project-loving-Mom but alas, all that happened was a late night rendezvous at the storage lot.

The our boys started 1st and 2nd grade today and our daughter will start preschool next week.

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With them in school I hope to be able to focus a lot of time on Alice. I am itching to start work on her!

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